Become Totally Different Person In Just a Year

After some time it suddenly hits you that you are not the person what you’d like to be. You’re weak, insecure, afraid of responsibility and consequences, afraid of people, their judgement, afraid of action, you make really stupid things that thinking about them now makes you cringe hard… And you finally realized all those points yourself. Congratulations, you’re starting the progress, the progress of self-improvement. Here I’m going to tell you my story.

The Concept of Meditation and It’s Importance

Most of you might believe that meditation is some kind of nonsense. I was that type of person myself until very recently. After comprehending and realizing what meditation actually is, I started to understand why it works, and why it will work for you.

Meditation is not your stereotypical sitting with crossed legs and OK signs on knees, there’s a lot more to that, most of it in your mentality. In this post I’m going to explain just that.